Your Appointment

Booking your digital mammography exam

You will need a referral from your doctor or specialist.

To book your appointment:

  1. Your referring doctor or specialist will need to complete all sections of our Digital Mammography Form.
  2. Call 604-987-9729 and press 1 to book an appointment. Women’s breasts can be tender during the week before their period, and we suggest that, if possible, you schedule your appointment the week following your period.
  3. If you have had a previous mammogram, please let us know where it was done so we can obtain these images before your appointment date.
  4. If you have breast implants, please let our staff know when booking your appointment. Two appointment slots will be set aside for you so that we can perform the regular mammogram as well as the “implant displacement views.” There is a charge for the additional views.
  5. Bring the completed form and your BC CareCard with you to your appointment.


Preparing for your mammogram appointment

A few guidelines:

  • Do not wear perfume, deodorant, talcum powder or lotion under your arms or on your breasts. These can appear on the mammograms as calcium spots.
  • Wear a two-piece outfit.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.